50% Deposit required at the time of reservation, 25% due 6 months before wedding date, and the remaining 25% is due one week prior to the event unless the event is canceled 6 months in advance. All deposits and payments are non-refundable. A mutual release form must be signed by all parties for cancellation to be concluded.


Wedding Postponement Policy: If agreed to by venue, the fee is $975

  • The new date must be

    • an off season date, November to April

    • an AVAILABLE in season date, May to October, that will only be released and committed by venue 90 days out

  • Venue price remains the same but any other products, packages, or services are subject to change

A refundable $1000 cash security deposit is required for incidentals.

  • Security and wedding liability insurance for all events is required

  • Venue reserves the right of final approval on all vendors, decorations, and sound levels.

  • No Smoking inside the cabins and lodge

  • No Pets Indoors

Check out times for Honeymoon suite and Cabins is 10:00 a.m.


All vendors and guests must be out of venue and off property by end of contract time


All trash must be left in receptacles 

No Kegs at the Lodge 


Minimum charges for the following:

  • $40 debris cleanup

  • $60 extra cleaning

  • $40 furniture moved

  • $40 cigarette butts

  • $100 confetti/glitter/balloons/fake flower petals

  • $15 per table for vendors 

  • $150 per hour for early entrance

  • $100 unauthorized use of venue inventory

  • $60 improper use of bar sinks

  • $4 per person for bar wash

  • $50 per carpet for cleaning 

  • $50 to move any decor included in lodge to the Sugar Camp

  • $1200/hr event overtime (in 10 minute increments)

  • Cost of repair or replacement for damage/breakage

Alcohol Policy

  • Server - must be licensed

  • Service - limited (stops 1 hr before the end of the event)

  • Shots - none

  • Snacks - suggested

  • Security - required

  • Shuttle - suggested

  • Serving Containers - no glass (at lodge)

  • Slip n Slide - no drinks on the dance floor while dancing


  • I agree on behalf of myself and my party to hold harmless Sugar Lake Lodge and Stephen and Marcia Todd their successors and assigns and affiliated companies from any and all claims of loss whether physical financial or otherwise associated with the rental of Sugar Lake Lodge, and the associated property.

  • I agree to any cleaning or damage charges billed to my credit card for not leaving the property in the same condition as received.

  • I also agree that I received the property in good clean condition and I identified any damaged items at check-in.

COVID-19 Protocols

Sugar Lake Lodge is taking all measures required of venues for the prevention of COVID-19 spread by state and local health departments, however, guests assume responsibility for maintaining social distancing protocols and any other appropriate measures.  

  • Face masks are suggested for guests and service providers, as well as any other preventative safety measures recommended by the Ohio/Lake county department of health.

  • Party is responsible for knowing, observing, and enforcing all health department requirements related to COVID-19.

  • An event point person shall be established by party who will be responsible for monitoring social distancing guidelines and protocols. 

  • Party should discuss with security and or DJ how, or if, they want their involvement in social distancing activities. 

  • One person in the bathroom at a time, please.